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Together we will craft an achievable and fulfilling lifetime financial master plan. This will ensure you have a clear strategy to help you accomplish your life goals and aspirations. Life is not a rehearsal; a plan will make your goals a reality. 


Your investment portfolio is designed to be the funding vehicle of your financial plan. Carefully created using evidence-based academic insight. Ensuring financial independence for you and multi-generational wealth creation. 

behavioural coaching

As humans, our emotional wants are in constant battle with our financial needs. We will endeavour to stop you from doing anything that is financially self-destructive. We'll ensure you behave your way to wealth and not misbehave your way to poverty. 


We work really well with

successful business owners

wanting to retire in the next ten yearS


What our clients say


"Andy is proactive, keeping in regular contact with me and alerting me to any matter which needs attention. He is extremely patient, making sure that I understand my options, detailing all the pros and cons. He has walked with me through some difficult times in my life and our meetings are always interesting and enjoyable." 

Ms Cookson, Chorleywood, Amersham


"I highly recommended Andy as both a financial planner and also a great sounding board for all of my financial and life decisions. A true life business partner, thank you." 

Mr Jacobs, Edgware, London


"After realising for some time that I needed to bring my finances into line, I started searching for an unbiased Financial Adviser and came across Andy.

"His approach is second to none. He showed me that over the years, I had been spending money on policies that were now not relevant to my lifestyle and financial situation. Sorting out my pension arrangement was a really big project and I was really grateful for Andy’s expertise, experience and knowledge. Andy is very friendly, always able to help, approachable and if he says he will do something, he always does (unlike previous advisers I’ve used!) I would not hesitate to recommend Andy for any financial / pension / investment related matters." 

Mrs Castellino, Kenton, London


We are

Ruthlessly client focused.
Caring, considerate and compassionate.

We do

Lifestyle financial planning.
Goal-based investment management.
Behavioural coaching.

We don't

Make predictions.
Manage money without a financial plan.
Time the markets.


Andrew Hart.jpg

A message from our founder - Andy Hart - Chief Maven

Welcome to Maven Adviser - founded with the aim of looking after families and their finances - for life. I believe that the foundation blocks of my most successful relationships are mutual respect and trust. I promise you that throughout our working relationship, you won't find another adviser who will care more about the long term plans of your family. I am as deeply committed to achieving your plans as you are.

I will ensure your life savings are invested with the same level of importance that I invest my own family's life savings, treating the capital as a central asset requiring careful attention. I operate to the highest ethical standards and with unvarnished honesty, which can at times raise uncomfortable truths. This is because I want the best for you and your family. I will never tell you I can do something I can't - and I will never tell you I'll do something and not do it.

Throughout our long relationship you are likely to encounter 'smarter' advisers than me, and no doubt you will also encounter 'cheaper' advisers. However you'll be hard pushed to find an adviser who is both 'smarter' and 'cheaper' than I am, and you'll never find one who cares more or is more trustworthy.

Working from the central tenet of trust, there's nothing within reason that we can't achieve together. My ultimate aim is that you live without worrying about money. I will insist that we create a financial plan and that we follow it - beyond that you are encouraged to dream and achieve your goals.

The investment markets are inevitably volatile and we wouldn't be human if it didn't make us feel uncomfortable. What I won't allow is acting on this feeling when intellectually, the decision would be wrong. I'm paid by you to act as wise counsel, particularly through market extremes. I need to know that my guidance is taken on board and I certainly couldn't continue our relationship without this implied trust. It wouldn't be fair on either of us.

It's an honour and a great responsibility to be the steward of your family's financial future and I won't let you down.

Andy Hart
Chief Maven


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Wall Street makes money on activity. You make money on inactivity.
— WarrenBuffett