We are delighted to be working with you, we won't let you down, our clients mean the world to us. We plan to simplify your financial life. However initially there will be a few jobs/tasks we require you to do. We've tried to make it as painless as possible. However providing lifetime financial advice is a complex job. Once we've been working together for sometime, things will become easier and easier. 

Task 1: Please set up a Dropbox account. We use Dropbox to share files between our clients. We also recommend setting up 2-step verification as an extra layer of security. We try to avoid (as best we can) sending sensitive data via email. If you already have a Dropbox account, please let us know what email address is linked to it. We will then set up the shared folder, which will allow us both to access documents and files. 

A new Dropbox account is free (subject to a storage limit). https://www.dropbox.com/en_GB/ 

Task2: Please complete our initial 'Maven Adviser - Data Capture Form', you can only complete this using Adobe Reader (this is very important). This is an editable PDF so please enter your data directly into the PDF.

This document will be placed into our shared Dropbox, once it's set up.  

Our stand alone 'Expenses sheet' can be found HERE (this is built into our Fact Find on page 16)

Task 3: Please complete our 'Personal Investment Profile' survey online, this will take approximately 10 minutes. 

The link is here: https://www.mavenadviser.com/atr

Task 4: Please sign our 'Maven Adviser - Client Agreement' which will be placed into our shared Dropbox (or sent to you).  

Task 5: If there is an invoice to settle, please pay this directly. This will also be placed inside our shared Dropbox. 

Task 6: Place any relevant financial statements into our shared Dropbox, investments, pensions, property portfolio etc. 

If we both decide to move to stages 3 and 4:

Task 7: There maybe various 'Letters of Authority' that you will need to sign for all of your current providers. We will let you know about this. This will then allow us to contact them and get up to date information about your plans and policies.

Task 8: Signed 'Our Beliefs' document, which will be placed into our shared Dropbox (or sent to you).


Any questions or queries please call us or email team@mavenadviser.com. 

Andy Hart's direct number is 07775 603930. 

If you want to pop into the office and complete these tasks, that also works with us.

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