We are delighted to be meeting with you. 

The meeting will be most productive for both of us if you:

- attend with your spouse or partner, we advise families rather than individuals. 
- think about what you wish to achieve both financially and also in life in general. 
- share with us what confuses you about money and investing. 
- view most of the pages on this website, you'll get a flavour for how we operate and what we believe in. 
- have a high level overview of your assets/liabilities & incomes/expenditure. 
- you're free to bring your laptop with you and any other documents which will be useful. 

At the end of the meeting we should have a good idea if we wish to move to the next stage, this is when we'll create your Financial Master Plan.

Your meeting is scheduled to be with Andy Hart. 

Please read about our process and fees HERE

If you listen to podcasts, do check out our show ‘Maven Money’

If the meeting is remote (not in person), the software we use is called Zoom, our meeting link is

For further instructions about how to find our offices, please click the appropriate link below.