024 - Top 10 Films, Documentaries, TV Series About Money and Business


In this episode of the Maven Money Personal Finance Podcast… John Ndege makes his third appearance, and in this episode, we discussed our favourite films, documentaries and TV series about money and business. It was a challenge for both of us, and as John said, films are designed to be entertaining, but rarely insightful or instructive, so picking a top five needed a bit of thought.

When I made my choices, I went off and Googled the shows, because while I have a memory of what happened in the film, it was interesting to read a plot description and refresh my memory.

Quick Preview of the Podcast:

  • Overview of some well known film / TV classics, as well as many you may not have heard of.
  • Are there real lessons we can learn from fictional film / TV?
  • Some of the most fascinating and informative documentaries out there.
  • Insights from Co-Host, John Ndege, returning for his 3rd appearance on the podcast.


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